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J. M. Heluk is an affiliate member of The Horror Writer's Association, and has been published alongside such masters as Jack Ketchum, Joe R. Lansdale, Poppy Z. Brite, Kealan Patrick Burke and other notable authors.

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STITCHES is a collection of carefully woven tales penned over the span of three decades. Each story examines horror, be it quiet or screaming, creating a unique ethos. From a family stranded by an awful stranger on their Montanna Farm in Two Miles as the Crow Flies, to Still Grammy, a story of a boy who is terrified by his dead grandmother, whose memory resides in the basement. Meet a temperamental little girl in New York City who possesses a deadly talent in The Wishman and The Worm, and in the flash fiction piece Click, journey to a less than quaint Seaside Villa that has a terrible something in the sewer pipes. STITCHES guides readers through a frightful landscape, creating nightmares most satisfying as you read deep through the night.